Glycosaminoglycan Pioneers.

Founded by biotech entrepreneurs and scientists. Early stage discovery, a sense of risk and possibility is engrained in our DNA.

SENTÉ® brings biotechnology experience and the rigor of scientific formulations to the skincare market. SENTÉ® collaborates with leading scientists from around the world to develop age management products that clinically prove to be effective and safe. SENTÉ® believes that science and rigorous clinical study must drive product innovation in the development of topical skin care products.

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At the core of SENTÉ® science is Heparan Sulfate Analog (HSA) Technology, a patented ingredient found exclusively in the SENTÉ® product line. HSA is a modified form of endogenous heparan sulfate (HS), in which molecular shape, size and charge were optimized to improve the appearance of mature, photo-aged and dehydrated skin.

Endogenous HS and Aging.

As we age, endogenous HS levels in our skin decrease contributing to the visible signs of aging. Environmental factors such as solar radiation aggravate even further alteration on skin HS homeostasis. Endogenous HS is a dynamic and multi functional molecule that plays a critical role in skin health, aging and wound healing.

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