Science Based Beauty

Science Based Beauty


The Breakthrough Ingredient for Beautiful Skin

Chances are you’ve already heard about collagen, elastin, anti-oxidants, and maybe even growth factors. Each of these plays a role in healthy skin. There is a breakthrough category of skin care ingredients that you may not have heard about called glycoproteins, molecules of sugar attached to proteins.

Glycoproteins play many important roles in skin health. They powerfully moisturize the skin creating the appearance of plumpness.

The proprietary glycoprotein that is present in the Senté Dermal Repair Cream is naturally found on the surface of skin cells and throughout the deeper layers of the skin.

Senté helps your skin to appear rested, smooth and more vibrant. The glycoprotein provides long-lasting benefits by moisturizing the skin concealing the skin’s natural age-related loss of skin elasticity and tone.


Glycoproteins for Beautiful Skin

Glycoproteins consist of a sugar (yellow) and a protein (orange). They are “biologically active,” attaching to the surface the skin.