Leonard Mazur

Leonard Mazur

Leonard MazurLeonard Mazur is a pharmaceutical entrepreneur who has been instrumental in creating enterprises within companies and is a founder of numerous pharmaceutical companies.

He began his business career with Cooper Laboratories. During his ten year career at Cooper, Mr. Mazur advanced through a series of marketing, strategic planning, corporate development, and general management positions which included operating responsibilities for a division of the company. Notably, while at Cooper, he was involved in the creation of Cooper Vision, which ultimately became the largest eye care company in the United States.

After Cooper, Mr. Mazur joined the U.S. Pharmaceutical Division of BASF as Director of Marketing. He was responsible for introducing into the U.S. market one of the first calcium channel blockers, a breakthrough medication used to treat hypertension and other heart disorders. He then joined, in 1984, ICN Pharmaceuticals now Valeant Pharmaceuticals as vice president of sales and marketing. While at ICN, he launched Virazole (ribavirin) the first antiviral drug for treatment of a deadly respiratory virus that afflicts infants.

After ICN, Mr. Mazur successfully restructured a biotechnology company within 18 months. In 1989, he joined Medicis Pharmaceuticals as a member of the founding executive team. As Executive Vice President, he was instrumental in establishing a dermatology-oriented company that became a leader within its industry niche and was ultimately acquired by Valeant.

In 1995, he founded Genesis Pharmaceutical, a company focused on dermatological products. Genesis was ultimately acquired by Pierre Fabre Group, based in France. Following Genesis, he founded Triax Pharmaceuticals, which became a top ten company in the prescription dermatological market and was ultimately acquired by Precision Dermatologicals. Mr. Mazur is the founder of Akrimax Pharmaceuticals, a cardiovascular pharmaceutical company and a founder  of Rouses Point Pharmaceuticals, a generic pharmaceutical company. Presently he is CEO of Citius Pharmaceuticals a company engaged in developing a gastroenterological drug. He serves as a board member of several new pharmaceutical ventures.